IsoPlexis Single-Cell Functional Proteomics

SBH Sciences in conjunction with Isoplexis is offering biomarker analysis using the Isolight.
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High-Impact Applications

IsoPlexis' highly multiplexed single-cell and bulk proteomic solutions provide comprehensive immune profiling for a range of diseases and research areas, from infectious disease to cell therapy and cancer immunology. Available for human, mouse, and non-human primate model systems, IsoPlexis' solutions provide a flexible platform that can support a variety of applications from early-stage R&D through clinical trials. A detailed list of panels is available here.

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IsoPlexis' Unique Biology

IsoPlexis' Functional Proteomics platform reveals the rare subsets of highly-polyfunctional cells that simultaneously secrete multiple cytokines. These highly functionally active cells have been shown to be predictive of patient response and disease progression in vivo. Traditional technologies can estimate cellular function at the population level, but these estimates do not reflect differences in that population's function. IsoPlexis' system is the only technology able to phenotype each immune cell by its extracellular function, revealing the unique power of the individual cell.

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The Functional Cell Library

The Functional Cell Library

IsoPlexis developed a new library of cells characterized by functional proteomics to complement the genomic-based Human Cell Atlas. The Functional Cell Library (FCL) adds a unique layer of proteomic data on the wide range of superpowered immune and tumor cell types uniquely identified by IsoPlexis' Single-Cell Functional Proteomics.

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