Simple WesternTM

SBH Diagnostics offers an automated Simple Western Blot CRO service on our upgraded Technologies - "PeggySue" and "Wes".  

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Peggy Sue Wes
PeggySue Wes


We are seeking projects to help you utilize our automated capillary Western Blot service, either Charge (IEF) or Molecular Weight analysis, in our CLIA certified GLP labs. We have worked with many leading pharma companies and universities over the past 2 years providing quality service in over 20,000 assays.

The use of our newest automated Western Blot technologies, PeggySue and Wes, has shown to increase sensitivities greater than 10 fold over standard westerns, as well as to provide valuable capabilities:

  1. Quantitative over 2 logs of protein concentration
  2. Reproducible protein analysis with CVs under 10%
  3. High throughput and cost effective
  4. Multiplexed and normalized to standard proteins

The following is a partial list of Simple Western projects performed by SBH Diagnostics :

  1. Drug responses affecting protein concentrations
  2. Analysis of Lot to Lot production and purification of Biotherapeutics (IL-12, mAbs)
  3. Biomarker Identification: analysis of specific Proteins and Protein Phosphorylations (companion biomarkers) that change over time upon treatment
  4. Drug response in tumor Fine Needle Aspirates
  5. Analysis of cell lines and antibodies
  6. Analysis of cellular preparations with Drug treatment

We welcome the opportunity to connect with you and your colleagues to evaluate your projects, at no charge, to determine how we can best assist you.

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Please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs, and ways in which SBH Diagnostics might be able to work with you. We will be happy to assist you.

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